Day 5, Take 2: An early afternoon

The sun is out, Gentle Reader, and the sky is blue! London is gorgeous this afternoon and I’m sitting in my flat, eating a hot cross bun, drinking some tea, with the garden door open, enjoying the sunshine. This afternoon’s research appointment went rather quickly (really quickly) so I came home on roomy trains, stopped again at the market (milk, salad dressing! water etc) and the bakery (two scones with clotted cream, a reverse chocolate chip cookie, and said bun), and headed back to the flat to do more laundry and just relax for a bit. It’s been rather go go go since I got here, but I’m treating myself to a car ride to the London airport when I fly to Ireland next week so I don’t have to struggle through the Tube during rush hour with a suitcase.

Tonight, I will finally eat the salad I bought (as I now have dressing) and make some pasta. It’s been rather boring meals at night I’m afraid: ham and cheese toasties and quick pasta and pesto, but I’m eating well during lunch so it seems fair. Besides, the benefit of the flat with the kitchen is easy meals while in.

Tomorrow is the Fan Museum, which seems to be a bit of a bear to get to, but I don’t need to be there until 11:30 so I’ll have an early lunch in the flat and enjoy some non-rush hour travel! Friday will be interesting, as I have an early train out of Paddington to go to Bath.

But Reader, my new shoes! O, glorious shoes! I mean, my feet still hurt, because I am fat and out of shape and there is A LOT of walking in London, far more than I’m used to, but my new shoes are just amazing. Worth every pence!


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