Day 6: Greenwich!

Oh, Gentle Reader, what an up and down day! I researched at the Fan Museum today, assisted by none other than the great archivist and collector of fans herself! I saw over 50 commemorative fans, and got loads of pictures. I explored a bit of Greenwich, had a lovely lunch with a dressed!!! salad, and then took the DLR back to Bank, and boarded another train to my flat.

homemade pasta with whipped ricotta.

I stopped at the bakery and decided to have a head to head between a Chelsea Bun and a Hot Cross Bun. The server behind the counter does NOT like raisins she told me, and didn’t understand my excitement over my order.

The hot cross bun wins, hands down. The chelsea bun, while good, is no match for the yeasty goodness of the hot cross bun. Also, the hot cross has orange and cranberries in it. Definite winner.

Tomorrow I travel to Bath for the Fashion Museum!


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