Home Day 1: The New Normal

I went to Target at 7:30 this morning, Gentle Reader, when it was nice and empty and I could get supplies and socially distance at the same time. Then I came home prepared to hunker down. Today is recovery day from my all-day travel yesterday, but then tomorrow, I have to get back to work and back on schedule. Some kind of schedule. Any kind of schedule.

Right now, I’m washing my backpack and purse from my trip abroad, and our dining room table is overflowing with all the things packed inside! I’m an overpacker, to say the least, so even I was a bit surprised to see everything I carried with me.

Simplifying life the next two weeks as we practice social distancing. Made a few orders for delivery, but trying not to go anywhere now that I’m home.

If you’re like me, you’re worried about the elderly and immune-compromised persons in your life as well as yourself (but I’m more worried for them than for me. I’m just worried about me because of all the people I’ve come in contact with in the UK and on the way home). So because of worrying that I might be a carrier, I’m distancing myself from people and situations.

BUT I’m still on sabbatical, so I still have to work! Today is a day to unpack and nap and enjoy the dogs and the husband. Tomorrow, I plan to organize my notes and rewrite my game plan for the book.

READING: Multiple books, as always, but most notably A Dangerous Alliance and Children of Virtue and Vengeance for fun, and Shirley for the academic book.

WRITING: Nothing much at the moment (had a week off of writing). Will report back tomorrow.

DOING: Loads of laundry.


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