Home Day 3: Working

It’s time to get started, Gentle Reader, on my work once more. I had a break from the everyday when I was in England, researching being a different kind of work, but I have to get back to my schedule once more.

CREATIVE WRITING: I think I’m going to start small, set my timer for 15 minutes and see what I come up with. I’m still going back and filling in some of the work I’ve already done.

WORK READING: I have five articles to read (still working on in-print articles, but may make the move to digital on the iPad for part of it today), and I chose three books: FASHION VICTIMS, DREYER’S ENGLISH, and THE ENGLISHNESS OF ENGLISH DRESS. I will read a chapter or so of each today. Also, when I’m tired of sitting at my desk, I’ll cuddle in bed with Bronte’s SHIRLEY, which, I’m sad to say, is not nearly as fun as JANE EYRE but necessary for my chapter on fashion manufacturing.

ACADEMIC WRITING: Time to sort notes and make some sort of freewrite plan! Like my creative writing, I don’t write from an outline. I sort of just launch into messy sloppy writing and go from there. It’s interesting because it’s completely counter to my OCD personality, but it’s my writing process and it’s worked for me for decades.

TEACHING: Still on hold until I can get to campus for my new textbooks for fall.

CLEANING: I spot-cleaned and organized my office yesterday, so I think the kitchen is what I’m going to tackle today.

FUN READING: CHILDREN OF VIRTUE AND VENGEANCE and DANGEROUS ALLIANCE I still haven’t decided on a non-fiction book yet.

MENTAL/PHYSICAL HEALTH: No temp, some anxiety. Day to day is not easy for me (I’m a planner in most aspects of my life) but with this, one can only go day to day.


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