Home Day 5: Back to Work

Yesterday was supposed to be Day 4, Gentle Reader. See how the days are already blurring together? That was already a problem on sabbatical, now add self-isolation to the mix and I’m afraid I don’t know what day it is.

Well, I do, actually. This was supposed to be my last day in London, leading to my trip to Ireland tomorrow. How quickly the world changed in just a week.

CREATIVE WRITING: I need to continue to flesh out FESTIVAL, which worked well on Tuesday with a 15 minute timer. I put plot on paper and revise after, so this is me developing what’s already on paper.

WORK READING: SO MUCH TO DO TODAY! Our ADAPTATION collection copyedits are in, and I need to read at least three chapters today so I can swap with my co-editor tomorrow. I also want to get back to reading for DRESSING FOR ENGLAND (DFE), my five articles and three chapters. Yesterday and Tuesday were a bit of a wash, production-wise, so I want to try to maintain some kind of schedule so I don’t fall into the depression well.

ACADEMIC WRITING: I still don’t know if I’m there yet. I have to read what I have for chapters 1 and 3 (1, not much, 3, a chapter from a collection), and sort my notes from last week’s research.

TEACHING: On hold. Will ask for a virtual book from the publishers so I can begin to prep for fall.

CLEANING: So much laundry to fold! Bathroom to clean! Dishwasher to empty!

FUN READING: Still reading CHILDREN OF VIRTUE AND VENGEANCE which is due back to the virtual library in just a few days, and I’m not even halfway through. I’ve got to put some good progress in.

MENTAL/PHYSICAL HEALTH: No temp today. Virtual yoga at 10 with my favorite instructor. Also I listened to Harry Styles’ Tiny Desk NPR concert and was completely impressed with that kid. He seems genuine. I like that, and his pared down music was great. I’m not much into pop, but that’s why I love the Tiny Desk concerts, because the music is bare bones.


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