Home Day 6: Editing

Things are getting increasingly scary across the globe, Gentle Reader, with orders to shelter in place and all travel halted. I don’t know how long this is going to last, but it’s so scary to think of all of those people at risk, or out of work. We need a stimulus package, and fast.

For me, there’s nothing to do but Keep Calm and Carry On, so on to today’s schedule.

CREATIVE WRITING: I continue to flesh out FESTIVAL and work through what I’m developing. I haven’t advanced the plot, but I know where it’s going at least.

WORK READING: I have three articles left to edit for the ADAPTATION collection, and I need to get started again on reading for the book. There’s now a academically firm deadline, December (academics have hard and soft deadlines for most things, so this is semi-firm, like a cheesecake) which means I have to READ.

ACADEMIC WRITING: It also means I have to WRITE. I still am not quite ready to write. I need to read more, and really, finish the ADAPTATION edits before I delve into the book deeper.

TEACHING: I’ve ordered e- or hard-copies of some of my texts for the Fall so I can get a jump start on my classes. The book reps were kind and understanding.

CLEANING: UGH. I hate my house already, but I need to clean. For reals. Not just laundry.

FUN READING: CHILDREN OF VIRTUE AND VENGEANCE is due back at the library (ebook) in two days, and I’m only halfway through. Do I let it go and get it again when it comes back around? Or do I barrel through?

MENTAL/PHYSICAL HEALTH: No fever today, and I am getting better on my over week-long panic attack. Also, virtual yoga at 10! This is becoming the New Normal, and I’m adjusting. Also: dogs help. And spouse.


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