Home Day 9: A New Hobby?

So yesterday, Gentle Reader, I posted a short video on the crinoline to my Facebook page, and got some requests for more fashion history! So today, I posted on my first request, the bustle, and had a great time talking through it. One of my friends suggested that this be my new hobby, and I don’t know about making it public outside of Facebook (someone suggested a youtube channel, but I’m too introverted for that), but I’m enjoying doing them for my friends!

CREATIVE WRITING: I haven’t written today, Reader! It’s been an off morning. My spouse didn’t sleep at all last night, so I woke up at odd times and the dogs were very cuddly and our coffeepot was in the wash and it was just an off morning. I might write later, but I feel like my morning writing time has passed?

WORK READING: Our ADAPTATION collection is turned in (hooray!) so I’m back to the DFE book today. I read five articles a day, three books in rotation, and I’m still reading SHIRLEY (a Jane Eyre style romance it is not).

TEACHING: I did some grading this morning for a student from last semester, and I need to settle some work from this. Have an email in to my dept chair about it.


FUN READING: I finished CHILDREN yesterday, just in time for it to expire from the library, and I’m on DANGEROUS ALLIANCE now, which is an Austen-inspired YA romance. I need to pick my two other books to read in rotation, probably GHOSTLAND and KING OF CROWS.

MENTAL/PHYSICAL HEALTH: Still no fever, but I am buying so many groceries for delivery. I’m so scared of running out of food. This is partly a childhood response, because growing up, we never had food in the house (we weren’t poor; my mother hated grocery shopping and cooking). Reader, I thought every family ate out 4-5 times a week. I learned how to cook in defiance. Last night, the spouse made potato and leek soup, and I made grilled cheese on local bakery bread and it was delicious.


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