Home Day 10: Getting Back to It

I slept in a bit today, Gentle Reader, because nothing means nothing? No, because the dogs didn’t wake me up until later. I woke up at 5, went back to bed, up at 630 with the dogs to let them out, and then 730 to let them in and feed them. This is not normal for me. I’m usually up between 5-6. But like so many of us, I’m sleeping more and eating more and despairing more. And I have a spouse, which means I do interact with a human on a daily basis, unlike some of my friends who are single and isolating at home alone. We haven’t driven each other crazy yet, perhaps because we’re used to being home together; as academics, a lot of our work can be from home, especially in summers, when our teaching tends to be online.

I posted another fashion history video to Facebook, so now I’ve done the crinoline, the bustle, and pockets. I need to research some of the topics coming in because, for example, aniline dyes, is not something I know everything about off the top of my head. But it’s fun! And a great way to share my knowledge and feel like I’m teaching again.

It’s nice to get a break from teaching while on sabbatical, but I do miss students. I got into this career because I love teaching and I love research and writing. So to have part of that gone is strange. It’s nice to not have the grading (no one, no one who’s a teacher enjoys grading!) but I miss the interaction with my students.

Virtual yoga at 10 today, and I need to work and I’m just exhausted in my brain and my soul. I need something to spark joy. I need some good news.


2 thoughts on “Home Day 10: Getting Back to It”

  1. The most important thing is to keep spirits up. Our mental health also tends to reflect on our physical health. I suggest switching up one thing every day in a week, this way you’re not bored. For example, books on Monday, knitting on Tuesday, dance party on Wednesday. Small indulgences.

    Stay safe and healthy ❤

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