Home Day 11: Getting Antsy

I need to start taking my work seriously again, Gentle Reader. I’ve been wobbling between panic and depression for the past two weeks–not to mention the panic of England and trying to get home–that I’m just not working with the speed I need to be working. I have the rest of Spring and all of Summer on Sabbatical, but that doesn’t mean much when I plan to have the rest of the book written by August and ready to submit to the publisher by December 15 (that’s my date. They just said December). I only read one article yesterday. But I don’t know what else I’m doing?? Facebook forever, of course. I read some. I did laundry and some cleaning and my video. I slept in. I petted dogs. I just don’t know where my day is going??

So today, I’m ready. I have my five articles, my three books in rotation, Shirley to finish (whine, look I love Charlotte Bronte but Shirley is not the fun romp of Jane Eyre. Even I admit it), maybe some writing? I’m working on two chapters simultaneously, so I need to get moving on those.

CHAPTER ONE: is on Fashion Theory and Manufacturing. That’s where Shirley comes in, and my work at the Paisley Museum in Scotland in 2011.

CHAPTER THREE: is on Vanity Fair and artificial/natural fashions, i.e. French/Irish vs. English fashions. I published a piece of this in a collection some years back, so I need to reread (UGH I HATE READING MY WORK) that chapter and move forward with it.

Mainly, I need to read! Read read read!


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