Home Day 12: Getting Close

Only a few more days, Gentle Reader, before quarantine breaks!

I mean, we’re on lockdown, so it’s not like I can go anywhere willy nilly, but my dogs have a vet appointment on Monday and on Tuesday, I’m giving blood. But since I was abroad and came back on the 14th, I’ve been self-quarantining with one quick early-morning social-distancing Target run on the 15th. In other words, I will wear grownup clothes! I will dress like a human! It’s been pajamas and yoga pants for a week and a half. And yes, I DO own two Jane Eyre shirts.

Yesterday, my University College posted my videos to its Facebook page because I was asked to make them public, and I did. So if you’re interested, I have a series of short videos I’m doing on Facebook about fashion and Victorian history (with some literature thrown in), available to the public on my Facebook page (just me, no fancy names).

Today, I have yoga at 10 and a telehealth appointment with my therapist at 3. In between, I need to read 3 more articles, 3 chapters in my three books in rotation, try to write something, try to clean something (dishes, laundry, office), and maybe step outside?? See the sky??


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