Home Day 14: Last Day of Self-Quarantine

Don’t worry, Gentle Reader. I’m still going to stay home as much as possible. Just today is the last day I am forced to be home because of my 14-day quarantine. Monday is the vet, Tuesday I give blood, and I have to get medicine and gas somewhere in between those days. But I think knowing you can’t leave and deciding not to leave for the good of yourself and others are two different beasts, mentally.

Ordered some things yesterday online and today I need to organize and clean. I think I’m going to try to take Saturdays off (yesterday’s day off was a miserable failure). I love Sundays. They’re my favorite day of the week. So I like to work on Sundays, especially organizing my agenda and my Trello. Today, I need to fold laundry and clean up. Desperately.


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