Home Day 15: Free to Leave (but not leaving)

I’m taking this seriously, Gentle Reader, and am not leaving home today just because I can. We have everything we could possibly need. Tomorrow, we have to take the girls to the vet for their booster shots and to get their monthly heartworm and flea/tick meds, but that’s curbside service (I did warn them that my girls are wild, and huge, and to bring two people to take them. They know. They’ve been their vets their whole lives).

Tuesday, I go to give blood in the afternoon. The spouse will drive me but not go inside. I’ve ordered masks from a local designer, one for me and spouse and one for my dad. Mine’s Wonder Woman. So, awesome.

But other than those things, my life is home for the rest of the week. Monday we virtually meet some friends and their new twins (yay!), Tuesday and Thursday, I have virtual yoga, and Reader, I have to work and clean like never before. Tomorrow, I am back to a serious schedule.

Stay safe out there.


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