Home Day 16: To the Vet!

I did end up leaving the house briefly yesterday, Gentle Reader, because the spouse isn’t sleeping. I went to Walgreens and bought some melatonin for him. I wore gloves, washed my hands, etc. Some people were not honoring the six feet apart rule, so I tried to enforce it on myself as much as possible.

Today, my girls go to the vet for booster shots, and my vet office (which is awesome) is offering curbside service. My wild girls will get brought in from the car, and we can’t go inside. What an adventure for them!

I ordered cloth masks from a local designer and will be happy when those come in too. One can’t be too cautious.

Today, I have a video chat with some friends to see them and meet their twins!! And of course, I need to get back to work. I despaired yesterday, as this time is weighing heavily on me, making me wonder what’s the point of my work and research. I’m trying to rally back to fighting shape.


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