Home Day 19: Resisting

Oh, Gentle Reader, how I’d love to go to Target or Starbucks today.

I’m resisting. We’re back home until next Saturday because we went out on Tuesday for errands and to pick up dinner. I have nowhere to be until next Saturday when I have to pick up food for Easter dinner. But I’m itching to get out. Don’t we need X? I keep asking myself. Surely we need X.

Reader, we need nothing.

We have food and iced coffee and regular coffee and creamer and more food and toilet paper and paper towels and anything else we could possibly need. I’m a planner, not a hoarder, so we had a lot of this stuff before any of this even went down. My panic response is to get more, but I’m staying home to avoid crowding the stores or taking something someone else might need.

Had a lovely chat with a friend yesterday over Facetime about our work, and we may start coworking next week to get moving on our projects.

Other than that, I have yoga today (virtual), books to read, and dogs to snuggle.

Don’t ask me about the dusting.

My house is so dusty.


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