Home Day 46: Bits and Bobs

I have so many small (and not so small) things to do today, Gentle Reader, that I filled up my usual 10-item list of Things to Do (available at Staples!) with multiple items on each line, for example, “clean office/dishes/laundry/clean br (bathroom).” This is my usual structure for working. I have several of these THINGS TO DO pads at home and at work, and after I’ve had my coffee in the morning, or arrived on campus, I sit down and plot out my day. This is my daily to do. My weekly to do is in the agenda, which I JUST updated with Erin Condren petite planner in Wonder Woman! Also the regular calendar. But Wonder Woman! I also use a Google Calendar for everything, everything.

I’ve tried different things, like Trello and big planners but honestly this is the way that works for me. So I’m back to it after a hiatus (tried a new planner this year. Didn’t work).


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