Pre-Game 2021

One of my goals for the new year is more writing: creative, academic, and personal, and more reading: personal, professional, academic. I’ve joined a friend for the Read Harder book challenge for 2021, and I’m starting a book journal log for it (with a gorgeous Moleskine Wonder Woman journal I received for my birthday!).

So that means that I want to get back to blogging a bit. I was rubbish at every day blogging, but I think I can maybe keep up with every week blogging. On Sundays, I have my planning hour in which I sketch out in my agenda what I have to do for the week: appointments, books to read, work to do, etc. I think that would be the perfect time to blog. About what? I don’t know. We’ll see where the mood takes me.

Does anyone still read this? I don’t even know.


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