En Route to England June 27, 2021

So it’s finally here, Gentle Reader, after a whirlwind week and a half in which I prepped for a trip overseas, prepped the class to teach, and did everything I needed to do to get into the UK. These are my bags, packed to the brim, with everything I might need not only for a month in England but for ten days of quarantining.

Lots of friends said that whatever I forget, I could buy it there, but I can’t! I can’t leave the Manor for ten days! Luckily there are 300 acres and 150 rooms to keep me entertained, not to mention my class!

It’s a traditional Brit Lit class that I teach every semester: the dawn of time until last Tuesday. We’re starting with Caedmon’s Hymn and Dream of the Rood, then moving to Beowulf and Marie de France. Then we will work our way through the eras of British Literary History!

I have to say though that I’ve been spoiled teaching from home for the past year and then sabbatical before that. This will be the longest I’ve worn a mask, and it’s hot and sweaty and annoying and I’m going to wear it because it’s required. I’m not an asshole! We have to mask for all of quarantine, and then I think England is still under a masked mandate. I bought a bunch (really, a ton) of disposable masks on top of fabric masks because I find them a little more breathable. And they make more sense for traveling on public transport. Pop in the trash when I’m done. Easy Peasy.

Your intrepid narrator.

I am going to be traveling really for the next 27 or so hours. Security took practically everything out of my bags to check everything and also patted me down front and back. So that was fun. But now I’m sitting at a table in the new and improved lounge space at EVV, waiting for my flight! I do have a visitor.

Aubergine goes abroad again!

Aubergine came with me to England during my aborted sabbatical trip, and they are coming with me now! I like to think of them as maybe a mascot for the class.

More soon, if Atlanta has WiFI. Keep following along and I will post my adventures hopefully every day!


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