The Manor, June 30, 2021

This is my view this morning, Gentle Reader, and it is so inspiring. I woke up early, at 4:30, following a wakeup at 2, to find out our home air-conditioning is broken during this heat wave gripping the US. My poor husband and dogs! We do have plenty of fans, but I hope it gets resolved quickly. I hate being away from home during a crisis. I want to help, and my husband is perfectly capable and I know that. But still. I’m a problem solver. It’s a problem to solve.

I’m a bit tired and still jet lagged but I am SO EXCITED because class starts today. I love teaching, and I know that sounds so nerdy but I am completely a giant nerd and there’s no way around that. We’re doing Medieval hymns and poems today. I teach in the afternoon which is great because I do my best writing in the morning and this gives me plenty of time to work on my book projects (academic and creative).

The search continues for good coffee. I wish I could just buy a French press for my room but it would be far too messy and the room is far too gorgeous for that much messiness. So make do and mend I suppose.

This morning I have already written on the WIP, and taken my day 2 covid test (required by UK. We are also in quarantine). I am now going to do some research for my project and hopefully read some Alcott for my American chapter. Then I will finish prepping class and do some laundry!



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