My Office, July 1, 2021

I do have an office here, Gentle Reader, for visiting faculty, although I don’t think I will use it much. It’s a bit small and I do share with another (lovely) member of faculty. I told my students I would be available for office hours the half an hour before class starts, in the classroom, and I could be available any other time. They could just email me and we could meet somewhere in the Manor.

But it’s an official feeling, isn’t it, to sit in a faculty office? One I haven’t experienced in a year and a half. I had office hours while I was teaching on Zoom, of course, but those were from my office, with occasional dog visitors. I will be back on campus halftime this semester, teaching two days a week in person and two days online.

I have a meeting in 15 minutes about field trips and excursions my students can go on, as the class is part classroom and part experiential learning. Soooooooo excited!!!

Talked to a lovely friend who, surprise! lives just up the road, and we’ve scheduled a dinner for after I’m out of quarantine. I also have two personal trips planned: one to York and one to Lincoln, with another lovely friend.


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