The Manor, July 1, 2021

It’s not a bad view if you can get it.

I mean, come on. I’ve been waking up to this for three mornings now. I have the window open and cold British morning air coming through to my desk. I’m sitting here at this gorgeous desk, surrounded by gorgeous things and this gorgeous William Morris wallpaper.

Probably the wallpaper makes me the happiest after the view, because i am a huge Pre-Raphaelite fan. In fact, the V&A posted this same wallpaper on their social media, but with white flowers instead of pink!

Today, I am teaching Beowulf and Marie de France’s “Lanval” and I am super excited. I might bring in some early Irish poetry so that they get a more rounded and diverse curriculum than the textbook allows for. Class is three hours long so we have plenty to do!

Finally, here’s a picture of me against William Morris wallpaper, working on a bed in a castle during a pandemic. How Decameron of me!


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