The manor, July 3, 2021

Found the garden, Gentle Reader, and not just from my window! It was a lovely rainy cold day this morning which has given over to sun (grump) but we had an afternoon tea for lunch in the gold room and it was so lovely.

After lunch I went upstairs to do laundry and read before dinner tonight. There were sporting events in the interim and I adore my students but don’t like sports. Tomorrow however is quiz bowl faculty vs students so I will definitely participate in that! My kind of sport!

Everyone here is kind and welcoming but my anxiety began kicking in last night, right on schedule. See last night was the first time I stopped moving or thinking or doing for three weeks since this was posed as a possibility. And when I have downtime I overthink everything. So I decided I needed some time to decompress. I’ve been on all week so I ordered Indian delivery and watched Loki in my room.

Reader, it was delicious.

Happy Saturday!!!


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