The Manor, Fourth of July

This has been my day, Gentle Reader. Trying to cool down my room by shutting the windows all the way. A book helps! (It’s for my husband). I slept in this morning until 9, but have been working on my class since then, for about six hours. One day of class here is a week in regular semesters, so I can only have them read so much out of class. Tomorrow is Twelfth Night, but I’m also bulking that up with the Cavalier/Carpe Diem poets and the Renaissance sonnets.

Now I’m going to drink my tea (just had a snack of strawberries, crisps, and cheese) and read until dinner. After dinner is quiz show, students versus faculty! Time for me to show off my useless knowledge!

Until then, enjoy the decor of the staircase closest to my room.


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