London first trip

We spent the weekend in London, Gentle Reader, yes the same weekend as the Euros. It was a bit of a mess but we did get to see The Tempest at The Globe. Not my favorite Shakespeare play but Ariel was performed wonderfully.

But on Saturday I took two students to the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory tea which was amazing. We had such a great time in Covent Garden even though I got us hopelessly lost!

Friday we went to Kensington Gardens to see the palace and Princess Di’s wedding dress. Friends it was amazing, especially since the last chapter of my book is on Royal wedding dresses.

We walked across the millennium bridge and St. Paul’s greeted us when we crossed the Thames.

And all of this to say that I walked about thirty miles this past weekend and pulled or strained my Achilles heel. And we are back to London for the day tomorrow. Wish me good luck, Friends!


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