London and Nottingham

On Friday last we went back to London to see the Museum of London and the Tate Britain. To continue our bad luck the Tate had only one of the five paintings on display I had asked them to look at and write about. Ellen Terry above was not one of them but at least I got to see it.

There are no words to describe the absolute beauty of carnation lily lily rose. The little lamps actually glow it seems. This was my favorite at the Tate.

We had a quiet weekend. Some of the students went exploring. I did laundry lol. Then England has been engulfed in a heat wave and we’ve been miserable in the manor which doesn’t have air conditioning.

On Tuesday I took my students to Nottingham Castle.

But the castle itself wasn’t medieval, just the wall so we were disappointed in that.

Well we found a lovely place for lunch and then I treated my four students to a gorgeous cream tea.

Now today I am on my way to York which will be its own post!


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