So York is absolutely stunning, Gentle Reader and only an hour train from campus. I started at the Minster and went through the crypts.

Then I went to a coffee house to sit and bide time until my 1130 lunch reservations.

This was iced coffee. Notice the lack of ice.

Lunch was delicious at Partisan although by then I was boiling from the weather.

I had an excessive amount of caffeine today. Starting with a triple shot over ice and ending with a triple shot over ice.

Also fancy snack lol

So after lunch I wandered through some bookstores and meandered through the shambles which as my husband commented after seeing pictures is just like diagon alley.

Went to the chocolate story to learn about York’s connections to chocolate and made my own lolly!!

I like sprinkles.

Was utterly and completely spent after another shamble through the shambles. So I headed to the train station and sat in air con at Starbucks until my train arrived.

Tomorrow I play in Grantham with my friend Leah. On Saturday I go to Lincoln and see the Magna Carta!


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