Home again, home again

After 30 hours awake and traveling, I finally arrived home, Gentle Reader, Wednesday afternoon. We all left the manor at 2 a.m. to get to Heathrow, and there were fun activities for the students and a breakfast and some of the faculty (myself included) decided to stay up with the students. I got about two hours of sleep on the plane, but I’ve been catching up since then! The dogs were ecstatic to see me, and the husband seemed happy too!

I took a covid test this morning, because I am turning around and leaving again for New Orleans this time. I have SO MUCH WORK TO DO during the next three weeks: I have to make substantial progress on my book. I have to put together five classes (syllabi, assignments, blackboard pages, zoom rooms, etc.) and read the new textbooks Past Amy thought was a great idea to implement (grrrr). It will be good to see family, but still. I wish I could just stay home and nest.


2 thoughts on “Home again, home again”

  1. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate, but sometimes it does feel great to be this useful. As tiring as it sounds, I’d pick being occupied over having nothing to do, lol. Anyway, wishing you a great time with your tasks!

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