Postscripts: Good Writing Days

Reader, I woke early this morning, about 6:30, and spent a good hour developing a chapter I had already written, in skeleton form.  I am a constant re-writer; I describe my process as, “I vomit on a page, and then revise for three years.”  It’s a habit that has come out of writing (as of yet unpublished) novels for ten years, and working on my dissertation and academic articles for the same length of time.  Writing is not inspiration for me; it is the gut-punch of picking and nitpicking over and over again the work as it spirals ever larger or smaller.

What’s your favored writing style?


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3 thoughts on “Postscripts: Good Writing Days”

    1. Pete, you’d be surprised by the amount of people I know who can write all afternoon, complete one paragraph, and have it be the most perfect paragraph imaginable, with no changes whatsoever necessary. I’m a much sloppier writer; I don’t write from outlines, and I have no problem ripping things apart and starting again from scratch. I just find it so interesting to think of all of our writing strategies 🙂

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