NaNoReWriMo Day 3: Thoughts on March

I never thought March would ever see the light of day, Gentle Reader, and it’s been a joy to revisit this, my first “serious” novel writing.  That is, Becoming was the first novel I wrote–how different it is now!  How strange and awful that first draft was!–but March is the first novel I took seriously.  The first novel I shopped around, to a few nibbles, but no bites.

Flash forward so many years later, over six years, in fact, and now, so much has changed.  I have a supportive agent who likes my work and is excited by my projects.  I have possibility.  I have faith in myself.  And that means the world.

missed March.  It’s a good book.  And I’m enjoying trimming it, rewriting it, revisiting it, lo, these many years later.  Fingers crossed, Friends, for success.



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