Day 64, WP62: Spring Break

On a site entitled “Sh*t Academics Say,” someone wrote, “Spring Break: Neither Spring nor Break.  Discuss.”  So I will, Gentle Reader, discuss Spring Break for the Academic.

I will take today off.  That means I need to run errands (vet, Target, etc.) and I need to do laundry.  But starting tomorrow, I need to work on a revise and resubmit article that has been malingering in my life for far too long.  Plus, I need to read more of Our Mutual Friend, which I’m teaching when I get back from “break.”

I put “break” in quotations because it’s not really break.  It is, as I told my students, the chance to work uninterrupted by meetings, classes, etc.  I have several doctors’ appointments and such next week, as well, but other than that, I will work in the comfort of my own home, possibly going to campus to work every other day or so.

I’m lucky to have two offices, I know: one at home, and one at work.  When one is too much, I retreat to the other.

What are your plans this week, Friends?


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