Home Day 32: Overslept

I had a snuggly dog on the bed and another one snoring on the floor, Gentle Reader. What was I supposed to do? Wake up? Nonsense.

My OCD brain is kicking into overdrive because I’m “late” for my work morning. That is, I’m usually up between 6-7 (sleeping in from school days when I’m up between 5-6), and I slept in until almost 8. 8! I usually start working at 8! Whatever am I supposed to do??

Trying to have a healthy brain means defeating some of this nonsense, so I’m allowing myself to just have my morning as I would normally have it: brekkie, coffee, social media, blogging.

Today, I have a necessary doctor’s appointment, and while I’m out, I am going to two stores to find instant yeast and flour. We have everything else we could possibly need, but not those two things (my flour stores are low, and I promised a friend I’d get some for her if I found any).

Otherwise, I think I’m going to try to get some work done, and read for the book. I folded my Depression Pile Of Laundry ™ last night, so win win all around!


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