Week Four, Overscheduled

Because I have OCD, I work best with a schedule, as I’ve said. But sometimes, I plan too much and become overwhelmed.

The beginning of the semester has hit me like the proverbial ton of bricks, and I’m scrambling to pick them all up. This week alone, I have three novels to read, along with theory and “Beowulf” and “Lanval,” not to mention grading and writing a chapter and then the WIP, as well as committee work for two different major committees. I’m a mess.

So today seems lazy because I’ve basically been in bed all day reading, but since I’m reading for class (Mexican Gothic, for my 19thc Gothic class–I always include at least one contemporary novel in my 18/19thc classes), it only looks lazy. In fact, I’m writing this blog on a break from my bed. I might make some tea before I dive back in.

I have other things to do tomorrow than just reading: a meeting, filming a video for my comp classes, writing, cleaning, laundry, but I’ve tried to stay as close to the Kindle app as I can today.

Not a bad job if you can get it.


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