Written on the Body

Scripting the Vote on the Body

I often think about the fight for Women’s Rights, Gentle Reader, especially how the Cause was, quite literally, scripted on women’s bodies.  The above example is quite a literal translation of this concept–and a beautiful one at that!–but there were other, more subtle ways our Sister Suffragettes wrote the Cause on their bodies.

Hunger Strikes.
In the case of one aristocrat, with a sewing needle.

In all of these cases, we see the extremes the Suffragettes went to for the Cause they firmly and actively believed in and fought for.  We often think rebellion an invention of modern times, of the postmodern era–of which this Humble Author is a part.  Let us remember our First-Wave Sisters and how they fought for our rights with the very bodies that now lie as dust.

Let us remember our Sister Suffragettes and the struggles they fought.

With that said, welcome to Women’s History Monday, a new segment of The Postmodern Bluestocking!  Any particular topics you would like to see covered, Dear Friends?


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