Postscripts: Not too late to seek a newer life

the post-its! they multiply!

If I may quote Tennyson for a moment, Gentle Reader, it is not too late to seek a newer life.  I have decided that today, March 10th, is a true new year for me.  I have been floundering this year, it seems, trying to catch up after some health issues in the fall.  But now, on this, the first day of spring break, I feel like a new attitude is necessary.  Patience.  Optimism.  Inner joy.  That’s what it should all be about, right?

And it is, of course, related to writing.  I want to get back to the joy of writing.  I’ve missed writing.  Not that I haven’t been writing, but more that I haven’t been enjoying it.  I wrote a list first thing this morning when I woke up which asked: “How do I make writing The Sequel fun again?”  In this list, I offered several potential answers, but the true answer is this:

Stop worrying about outcome.

It’s a book.  A draft, for Pankhurst’s sake, and while there is pressure, there are no deadlines or end games other than


I’ve noticed my writing feeling stilted, uncomfortable, and while that worked for the first two chapters of The Sequel, given their subject matter, it is decidedly not working for the rest of it.  So it needs to be fun again.  I need to find my voice again.  That means, of course,


(notice how bold these statements are?  Reminders to myself!)

What are your writing goals for this spring, Friends?

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