Postscripts: old drafts?

The paperwork! It overwhelms!

Gentle Reader, I am at the start of a beautiful and fabulous week known as Spring Break for the collegiately-inclined.  As I am a professor, this means not as much sun and fun but more grading and organizing.  And so I’ve decided to go through stacks–and stacks, and stacks–of paperwork, eliminating, shredding, recycling.  Of course, what this means is that I come across several drafts of Novels In Progress that have been read, edited, and even printed on backs.  I tend to keep a Junk Paper basket into which I throw old drafts for reprinting and note-taking.

What about you, Friends?  What do you do on Spring Break?  How do you organize?  And most importantly, what do you do with those old printed drafts?


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3 thoughts on “Postscripts: old drafts?”

  1. Happy shredding. I’ve got a filing cabinet full of old drafts, notebooks full of ideas and the like. I do shred some of them when I know I’m done. Happy grading 🙂

    1. Hi Pete,
      Do you do most of your writing by hand? Do you have a particular notebook you enjoy? I’m so curious as to everyone’s writing rituals 🙂

      1. My handwriting is awful!

        I have a few notebooks on the go, nothing fancy, just nice six to carry about with me. I do all my writing on my laptop though I do like to print and edit the old fashioned paper and pen style 🙂

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