Postscripts: Writing Time

It’s my favorite time of day, Gentle Reader: early in the morning.  Writing time.

But I’m not writing fiction right now.  In fact, my fall down the stairs, while it knocked loose revelations, did not clear the cobwebs fully.  I still, for some reason, cannot WRITE.

It is So Frustrating, Friends, to stare at that blank white page, that annoying cursor flashing at me. I’ve thought about starting a new project, resurrecting long dead projects, but I can’t really bring myself to any of it.  Which is why I am blogging, in the vain hopes it will bring me some sort of release.

So Frustrating.  So Very, Very Frustrating.


3 thoughts on “Postscripts: Writing Time”

  1. Have you tried writing on paper? I know it’s old-fashioned and some people can’t do it, but it’s really the only way I can write. I can’t write on the computer. I write everything down, type it up, print it out and scribble scrabble my corrections all over it. I feel as though the words come from my head and travel down my writing arm and onto the page. Making the shapes of the letters helps as well. It just feels right.

    Might be worth a try if you’re blocked. Hope you get back into it soon!

    1. Wish I could! I miss notebooks. unfortunately, I have such bad carpal tunnel that writing is worse than typing. Ugh.
      Thanks for the suggestion and well wishes! I wrote two paragraphs this morning. I hate them, but look! Words! 🙂

      1. Oh no! Such a terrible thing to befall a writer! (Well, anyone, really.) But hey, great job at writing your two paragraphs. I’m sure that words will flow like a river soon enough. Good luck!

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