This Intrepid Explorer Breaks Out

Manchester/Bath UK Journal Day 2

Sale, Manchester, UK

So I was the Intrepid Explorer and walked a few miles all over Sale.  I had forgotten how cold/muggy it is in England, after living through this awful winter in the Midwest.  While it was in the single digits, it wasn’t as wet as it is here.  I was sweating and cold all at the same time, a combination that should lend itself quite naturally to a Terrible Cold.  I’m anticipating it.  Don’t you worry.

But I explored today, walked to the Sale Town Centre and went in search of dinner.  Unfortunately, I went a little early, around 3:30, so most of the restaurants weren’t open until 5:00 or later.  So, when in doubt of where to eat, I found a pub, made a bit of an ass out of myself trying to figure out how to get in (the entrance was on one level and the pub itself was two floors down), and made more of an ass out of myself trying to order dinner (find a table, order at the bar, wait for food to come to you).  But, I did it, and as usual, everyone in Manchester was super friendly and helpful to the Wayward American they found in their path.  I ordered the tried and true fish and chips (mushy peas, please) and, since when traveling, it’s often hard to find fruit and veg, a garden salad.  As I don’t drink, I did not order a pint, although a cider would have made the fish that much better.

I read while I waited—currently reading Fire and Flood by Victoria Scott—and people-watched while I ate.  It’s hard to read an iPhone and eat fish and chips without getting grease all over the screen, so I didn’t even try.

Then, I walked back through Town Centre, and by 5:00, most of the shops had rolled up the carpet for the day.  Sale is not Manchester City after all, and there’s not much reason to stay open late at night, I imagine.  I did, however, stop at the Marks and Sparks (Marks and Spencer) to get water (finally!), some bananas (see above re: fruit and veg), and, of course, obligatory chocolate.

Then, I had to carry said liters of water another mile back to the Guesthouse—the woman behind the counter asked me, “Can you carry that, luv?” to which I stupidly replied, “of course!” sweating and freezing all at the same time.  I trudged up the stairs to the second floor (thank GOODNESS I’m only on the second floor), and collapsed on my bed, adventuresome spirit spent.

Now, I’m enjoying a good cuppa after I finished my chocolate, and imagine I will go to bed early tonight.  I’ve a big day tomorrow: Quarry Bank Mill!


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