Writing again

I wrote this morning, Gentle Reader, and it felt so good just to sit down and write a bit of fiction.  It’s been slow-going with this draft of Marvel Among the Demons, as it’s halfway written, and needs to be finished.  But I’m going back through and changing some of the earlier chapters to what I’ve envisioned for them, and that’s been fun, as well, to rethink earlier work and make it better, make the writing tighter.

I’m also reading again for fun.  Young Elites and Etiquette and Espionage, two books on my TO READ shelf for quite some time.  The Kindle app on my phone has spoiled me so much, as I’m able to tote around 100 books wherever I go.

All of this to say, I’m healing, just a bit.  There are still activities I want/need to ease back into–academic writing, mainly on the list–but I’ve been rather productive for early on a Monday, and I want to congratulate myself, to put it in print and recognize it as the achievement it is.

Much love, everyone.


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