Currently Reading

It’s been ages, I think, since I’ve done a “currently reading” blog, so I thought I’d pop on and do such.

Since graduate school, I’ve fallen into the habit of reading three books at once.  Teaching more than one literature class will also do this to you, so I’m currently reading the following:

1) “Lanval” by Marie de France (just finished teaching)

2) Beowulf (about to teach)

3) Ms. Marvel: No Normal (currently teaching)

4) Before I Fall (about to teach)

5) The Quick (reading for fun)

I just started The Quick and am through Volume I, or, according to my Kindle app, 22% through.  It’s a beautifully sculpted book, very well written and paced, with a ZOMG ending to Volume I.

My students are LOVING Ms. Marvel, which makes me so excited, and they are frustrated by Before I Fall, because they haven’t finished it yet.  All of these are appropriate reactions.

What are you reading, Gentle Reader?


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