Fashion Addiction

Gentle Reader, I bought more clothes today to make up for the fact that the dress I bought for the first day of classes (I buy a new outfit every semester) is Dry Clean Only.  The horror!  The panic!  The sadness, O, the sadness!  I returned Said Dress to Dress Barn, and purchased five tops, three of which I’m keeping.  Earlier, I went to Lane Bryant, and purchased three skirts (gold and flared and maxi) and a pair of palazzo pants on clearance (La, they’re blue!  Gorgeous blue!).

Then I came home and rearranged My. Entire. Closet.  I did the “turn the hangers around” arrangement, so that whatever I don’t wear by May, the end of Spring, I will donate to charity or a friend in need.

That’s my New Year’s Eve.  Now, to watch Luther with the spouse and make steak.  Mmm, steak.

Have a safe and happy NYE, Friends!!!


4 thoughts on “Fashion Addiction”

  1. Hahaha you know, I quite often ignore “dry clean only” labels – especially if I got the item on sale. Is that terrible? I find that often if I just wash in cold water or hand wash I can get away with it… that could just be me though!

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