Day 13, WP13: Wonder Woman

A lot of you know that I collect Wonder Woman paraphernalia, but Gentle Reader, I don’t think I’ve ever talked about what the Amazon Princess means to me.  I adore her, and have since I was a little girl.  I watched the Challenge of the SuperFriends and the Wonder Woman TV show, and I loved everything about her and what she stood for: truth, justice, and an amazing fashion sense.

I wore Wonder Woman underoos under my school uniform, went as her for Halloween (alternating between WW and Princess Leia), and read comics that featured her.  Even now, I have shelves–not one, but multiple–of Wonder Woman action figures and other bits and bobs featuring her.

I still adore her.  She means so much to me, something that’s been a part of my life for decades, and still going strong.  It’s why The Secret History of Wonder Woman is one of the books I’ll be reading for my challenge this year.

Who’s your fictional hero, Friends?


3 thoughts on “Day 13, WP13: Wonder Woman”

  1. I have still wear wonder woman underoos that I purchased from Torrid. I love the black widow at the moment and I always liked Thor. I’m all about mythical heroes.

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