Day 28, WP28: Open Concept

My house was built in 1928, Gentle Reader, in the Craftsman style.  It’s a gorgeous little house, with a finished basement and room to expand in the fully-decked attic, should we ever choose.  But one thing it does not have is an open concept.

I don’t quite understand the love of the open concept house, ranging from open concept kitchen/dining/living areas to open concept everything, including open bedrooms.  It’s a little bit like finding out how the sausage is made; you want some privacy in your areas of living.  What if you need to close off a room because that’s where you put the dogs??  I don’t understand.

But it has me thinking about other issues of open concept, namely, this blog.  I am using my real name, and it’s not hard to Google me and find out who I am.  I began this blog to promote my writing, but as the years continue and my books remain unsold, I don’t know exactly who or what I’m writing for.  I guess I don’t understand living “open concept” without a purpose.


Except I’ve met so many of you lovely people through this, and it’s comforting to me to connect on a daily basis with friends and colleagues.  To discuss important issues to me–my grieving, my writing, my work–and to you.

We’re all of us living open concept, I suppose.


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