Day 53, WP53: On Schedule

I had my Sunday Meeting yesterday, Gentle Reader, and this morning, I made my to-do list for the day.  I have accomplished a lot that’s on it, and a few more things besides, but still, I find this article eluding me.  It must needs be done by March 1st, and I am attending a scholarly talk tomorrow about writing which hopefully will get me motivated enough to work, work, work!  I’ve already told DH that I will spend this upcoming weekend at campus, working on said article.  It needs revision, which is harder and infinitely more disagreeable in academic articles than the writing of it (I find the opposite to be true with creative writing).

But it WILL get done because it MUST be done.  That’s what I keep reminding myself of.

Any deadlines looming in your future, Friends?


3 thoughts on “Day 53, WP53: On Schedule”

  1. Yes I am trying to get this paper I need to finish to take care of an INC grade done by the end of this current semester. I haven’t been in school for 2 years so it has been looming for sure! I’m working with a professor now so maybe that will light the fire under my arse!

  2. Huuge deadline on my head is my final exams from march 1st. Really scared for it and studying as much as I can

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