Watching Rogue One

Here be spoilers, Gentle Reader!  Read with caution!

I’ve always been a Star Wars girl.  I first went to see A New Hope at age 1 in 1977, in the drive in with my parents.  I dressed as Princess Leia for multiple Halloweens; I had long hair, so my aunt was able to recreate the buns perfectly.  I had a Star Wars lunch box to go with my Wonder Woman underroos.  I was very specific in my obsessions: DC Comics, and Star Wars.

Yesterday, DH and I went to see Rogue One as a celebration for finishing the end of the semester.  Grades are turned in, and only a few odds and ends are left to take care of.  I thought the movie was wonderful, definitely a different movie from The Force Awakens, so if you’re going in looking for something similar, you’ll be disappointed.

While the story focused on hope–“Rebellions are built on hope”–it’s ultimately a very dark movie.  The good guys lose; the bad guys win.  The battle, anyways.  I did not expect the end to be so dark, especially for a more recent Star Wars movie.  The Empire Strikes Back, sure, but not something in the same 20 years as Episode I (I still insist that, no matter how young, a future Darth Vader never in his life said, “Wheeee!!!”).  I teared up more than once in the movie, and while that’s not necessarily a hard thing (Gentle Reader, I cry very easily!), it says something about the movie at hand.

Ultimately, wonderful.  Definitely a great movie to enjoy and watch again.

Did you see it, Friends?  What did you think?


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