The Manor, June 29, 2021

Gentle Reader, this is my current view. I am ensconced at the manor, and I am awake and looking out to this gorgeous scene. I don’t have windows in front of my desk at home, just next to it, and I do look out on occasion, but never has it looked like this!

Class starts tomorrow, and I am SO EXCITED about teaching British literature in England, at this gorgeous place.

We arrived at Heathrow yesterday around 7 am local time, and went through immigration and luggage and met up with everyone. More students! It grounds me so much. This is what I’m here for. To teach. It is one of my three passions (and luckily I turned those three into a career!). Also met some of the other faculty who are just lovely.

We took a coach to the manor and as we drove up, we could see it nestled in the trees. It is stunning. Gorgeous. There are not adequate words to describe this place to you. And my room, with its William Morris wallpaper and arts and crafts furniture is just everything i could have dreamed of.

So today is work and orientation. I’m going to get some writing done and class prep. More soon!


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